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The Inflation Threat Down Under (Part 3) - Point B Planning
Financial Planning

The Inflation Threat Down Under (Part 3)

Beyond Financial Planning Managing inflation is essential in addition to financial planning for Australians. Negotiate Salary Increases With inflation increasing, it’s important to keep your

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The Inflation Threat Down Under (Part 2) - Point B Planning
Financial Planning

The Inflation Threat Down Under (Part 2)

Strategies for Australians Inflation can be challenging, but Australians have options to strengthen their financial plans. Here are some key strategies to consider: Embrace Inflation-Protected

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Reducing Home Loan - Family Finance - Point B Planning
Property Market

Reducing Home Loan

Reducing home loan – everything you need to know Understanding interest rates is crucial for making informed decisions about borrowing, saving, and managing your finances.

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Planning for Retirement - Finance Advisor - Point B Planning

Planning for Retirement

Planning for retirement and government support When planning for retirement, the government can be a great form of support. In Australia, we support our older

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Building Wealth with Stocks - Shareholder - Point B Planning

Building Wealth with Stocks

Start building wealth with stocks and how to get started A stock represents ownership in a company. When you purchase stocks, you become a shareholder

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Capital Gains Explained - Investments - Point B Planning

Capital Gains Explained

Capital gains explained A capital gain is the profit realised when you sell an investment or asset for a higher price than its original purchase

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How to Reduce Debts Quicker - Loans - Point B Planning

How to Reduce Debts Quicker

Debt consolidation – How to reduce multiple debts quicker What is consolidation and what is the process Advantages What are disadvantages (5 min read) Debt consolidation involves combining multiple

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