The Inflation Threat Down Under (Part 3)

The Inflation Threat Down Under (Part 3)
Financial Planning
The Inflation Threat Down Under (Part 3) - Point B Planning

Beyond Financial Planning

Managing inflation is essential in addition to financial planning for Australians.

Negotiate Salary Increases

With inflation increasing, it’s important to keep your income pace with it. Research the average salary increases in your industry and be prepared to negotiate for a raise that reflects the rising cost of living.

Renegotiate Debts

If you have variable-rate loans, consider asking your lender about a fixed rate to make your repayments more predictable during inflationary periods. Consider talking to a mortgage broker like You First Finance.

Review Utility Providers

It’s worth checking for better deals on essential services like electricity and gas in the Australian market, as competition can lead to more affordable options.


Embrace Frugal Living

Consider making minor changes to save money while maintaining your desired lifestyle, such as meal planning, utilizing loyalty programs, and seeking free entertainment options. Every dollar saved is a dollar that inflation can’t erode. 

Here are some additional tips:

Utilize Free Community Resources

Many libraries offer free programs and events, while parks and recreation centres provide affordable fitness classes and activities.

Embrace DIY

From minor home repairs to learning essential car maintenance, DIY projects can save you money on professional services.

Plan Your Shopping Trips

Create grocery lists and stick to them to avoid impulse purchases. Consider buying generic brands or planning meals around seasonal produce deals.


Stay Informed and Adaptable

Government Resources

The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (ASIC) provides valuable resources on financial literacy and managing inflation.

Stay Updated on Economic Trends

Be aware of the RBA’s pronouncements on inflation and economic forecasts. This knowledge can help you adjust your financial strategies as needed.

Dealing with inflation can be challenging, but Australians need not be passive victims. By understanding how inflation works, implementing strategic financial planning, and adopting a more cost-conscious lifestyle, we can effectively mitigate its effects and secure our economic future. Remember, taking a proactive approach is critical. Don’t wait until inflation becomes a significant burden – take action today to build a financial fortress that can weather the inflationary storm.

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