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Superannuation and Retirement Planning

Regain confidence in your financial future and secure your retirement with personalised support from our team of experienced financial advisers.

Why Point B Planning

Regaining control of your super and retirement

At Point B Planning, we understand that achieving financial security in retirement requires careful planning and strategic management of your superannuation. With our comprehensive Superannuation and Retirement Planning service, we empower you to take control of your financial future and enjoy peace of mind during your golden years.

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What We Do

Superannuation and retirement planning

  • Superannuation Review & Consolidating: Begin by conducting a thorough review of your superannuation accounts and consolidating them for efficient management.

  • SMSF Implementation: Consider implementing a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) to gain greater control over your investments and retirement savings.

  • Transition to Retirement Strategies: Explore strategic approaches to transitioning from work to retirement, ensuring a smooth and financially secure journey.

  • Retirement Income Pensions: Secure a steady stream of income during retirement by exploring retirement income pension options tailored to your needs and goals.

  • Age Pension & Centrelink Benefits: Understand your eligibility and optimize your entitlements to Age Pension and Centrelink benefits, maximising your financial resources.

  • Retirement Funding Projections: Plan for a secure future by utilising retirement funding projections to align your financial goals with your retirement aspirations.

Your Financial Advisor

Seek support from your financial adviser

At Point B Planning, we believe in the power of expert guidance and support. If you’re ready to take control and get your life back on track, we encourage you to seek support from our team of experienced financial advisers. With personalised advice and strategic planning, we’ll help you navigate the complexities of superannuation and retirement planning, empowering you to achieve financial freedom and security in your golden years.

Take the first step towards a brighter financial future by contacting us today to learn more about our Superannuation and Retirement Planning service. Your journey to financial security starts here at Point B Planning.

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