Planning Your Retirement

Planning Your Retirement
Planning Your Retirement - When and How? - Point B Planning

When can I retire?

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A very common question that people ask me is “When can I retire”.

The easy answer, it could be tomorrow. The hard part, having enough funds to ensure your retirement lasts.

Most people think they can only retire from age 65, or even later as they get confused with the Age Pension, which is a form of government support for retirees. The reality is you can start accessing your super at age 60. And you can retire even earlier if you have non-super assets such as shares and property which can help fund the gap.

One golden rule with retirement planning though, the earlier you retire, the more money you need. You don’t have to wait until you’re 67, or potentially even later to retire. Start planning for your retirement today. The earlier you start, the more security and freedom you will have.

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