Why Hire a Financial Advisor

Why Hire a Financial Advisor
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Why Hire a Financial Advisor - Victoria - Point B Planning

Is it worth paying for a financial advisor in Australia?

What differs from advisers around the globe?

In the US, financial planners are similar to stock brokers in the sense that they will mainly provide advice in direct equities. In countries like the UK, most advisers are seen as investment and accounting specialists. In Asia, financial planners can be more product conscious, with a large focus on selling investments and insurance.

In Australia however, advisers are seen to be more holistic. We may provide advice around broader areas and address more diverse needs. Australia currently has trillions of dollars invested in super. We have our own tax laws, stock market, legislative requirements and multiple layers of complexity with regards to investments, tax minimisation, goal planning and eventually retirement planning.

Generally speaking, clients have 3 options when sourcing financial advice:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Do it themselves or
  3. Pay a professional to do it for them

So is it actually worth using an Australian financial planner?

Without sounding too bias, I can confidently say yes! A financial advisor can put in place short, medium and long term plans to maximise a clients wealth generation, opportunities and quality of life. The earlier that someone speaks to a financial advisor, the better their financial future will be, by taking sound advice to build a solid foundation early on. Regardless of whether you are young or old, investment goals are generally quite similar: Optimise growth opportunities make money work harder!

As they say, time is our biggest asset! Please feel free to reach out to our financial planners and financial advisors if you wish to learn more about how a financial advisor can improve your finances.

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